My Super Awesome Perfume Collection

Okay, the perfume collection isn't really that awesome, but I think the photo of it is!

I took the photo for a perfume contest. I didn't make the finals =(

I'm actually quite sad about that.

The perfumes are (in no particular order): Japanese Cherry Blossom (BBW), Amber Romance (VS), Crabtree & Evelyn Vanilla, Ylang Ylang (Cream Perfume Company), Be Kissable (Avon), Vanilla Musk, Dark Vanilla, Vanilla Fields, Dream Angels Heavenly (VS), Harajuku Lovers Love.

You should check out the finalists for the perfume contest. There are some cute photos in there.

I really wanted a chance to try the "I Heart Unicorns" perfume. It sounds so fun! It's nearly impossible for me to drop $50+ on a bottle of perfume that may not work for me, though (especially since I don't have $50+). =/

Me and my guy worked hard to get that photo just right. It would have been nice to at least make it to the finals.

Also, I might as well mention that this perfume collection isn't really complete... there's a bunch of perfume that's either 28 hours away at my parents' house or in the mail on its way to me.

Anyway, I'd love to hear your opinions of my photo (even if they're negative). Cheer me up or give me some idea of why it's not a winner. Please be commentful!

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  1. Honestly, I think you have a great photo of your collection. I can't understand why the photo didn't make it to the finals. I'm sorry, I don't know if this comment will cheer you up, but I can't come up with any reasons why it didn't make it to the finals, nor can I even tell you how to improve on it. There's nothing that I can see that needs improving. XO!!

  2. @Moxie

    Thank you so much for your kind words! It does cheer me up to know my photo is liked :)

  3. I think it's a great photo!

  4. @Lin

    Thank you! Glad you think so :)

  5. Well I'm off to email you and put up the winning post but sry about the contest for perfume you didnt win but you won my make your own perfume so isnt that better anyways :)

  6. The photo looks really great. I love it!

  7. @Danyale N. I love that I get to make my own perfume! I've never gotten to do that before. I'm really excited that I'll get to have my own personal fragrance :)

  8. Thank you so much! It's really good to hear that :)

  9. I like this photo! I wish I had a perfume collection to take a pic of! I'm here from the top it off tuesday blog hop! I hope you can come by and say hi!

  10. Sweet! I LOVE Perfumes!
    Nothing like smellin good!

  11. The photo looks like certain death to me since I am allergic to all perfumes!!
    But me aside I don't know what else they were looking for. I wonder what the winning photo looks like.

    THanks for stopping by today.

  12. @brianna Thank you! I've never considered what I have to be a "collection." Some of the other people who entered the contest had a lot of perfumes! Makes what I have look like leftover samples.

    @Hannah I love perfumes, too! It's so fun to be able to match my scent to my mood. =)

    @Heather So the "Danger: Hazardous Materials" text in my photo is quite literal for you, huh? ;) But yeah, I don't know what they were looking for, either. In the instructions for the contest, they mentioned creativity, which is why I went kind of artsy for my pic. I too wonder what the winning photos look like. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem they announced the winners, only the finalists.


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