My 20 for Vogue Magazine September 2009

A few things cross my mind as I flip through the September 2009 issue of Vogue, sometimes referred to as the phone book...
  1. Why did this only just show up on September 10?!
  2. The postal workers really crumpled the hell out of it. Good thing I don't dog-ear pages, 'cause that would be useless here.
  3. How many ads are there, you ask? Well, the first page of the table of contents is on page 112. The fourth (and last) page of the table of contents is on page 176.
  4. The new Nordstrom ads are eye-catching.
  5. Was it really necessary for Nicole Richie to profit off her pregnancy by creating a fashion collection for a pea in the pod?
  6. Every time I see the Emma Watson Burberry ads, I'm impressed.
  7. Why can't John Frieda's shampoos be sulfate-free?
  8. I'd love to learn how to sew (page 366).
  9. The Route 66 Wool Felt Floppy Hat still isn't in stock in purple on (page 388).
  10. "Lipstick Queen's Poppy King suggests her sheer Black Tie Optional as a layering piece under any red to create depth and add new life to old shades." I'm intrigued by these shimmering and metallic black lipsticks (page 415). Of course, when I wore black lipstick (cheap matte stuff) in high school, I did it because it wasn't popular.
  11. Something truly useful: exercise routines to help survive high heels (page 424).
  12. Is any health insurance provider going to cover Latisse?
  13. I do want to try Covergirl Eyelights Mascara. I like the idea of using gold to bring out my hazel eyes.
  14. Why can't my hair do that? (page 439) I actually say that a lot throughout every magazine I flip through. Then I pout.
  15. I like the UGG Australia looks (pages 449-452).
  16. Oooh, I like the fairytale fashion shoot; little red riding hood is a fun story to play with.
  17. I love seeing thigh-high boots in all the magazines. If I could afford a pair, it'd be perfect.
  18. A peacock in an acacia tree?? I want that! (page 534)
  19. Oooh, gloves are in style, too? Gloves and thigh-high boots! I get to look at two of my fav things in one shoot!
  20. I love how sleek the black boots in the Stuart Weitzman ad are (page 575).

Hm, 20 thoughts for 586 pages. That doesn't seem like a lot. That's either 566 pages with no thoughts, or 1 thought per 29.3 pages. In case you were wondering, 429 pages are ads (Source). After my boyfriend got the mail, he thumped the magazine down on the bed, calling it a "phone book" and "probably heavy enough to kill cockroaches." I wonder if I should tell him the Vogue September 2007 issue had 727 pages of ads for a total of 840 pages.

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