Quick Thoughts on Vaseline Sheer Infusion with Stratys-3™

I was surprised this wasn't in the same Allure Magazine article that mentioned Dove Body Wash with NutriumMoisture. To me it seems like this is a sister product (in terms of what they claim to do). I would've liked to read Allure's beauty breakthrough writeup of Stratys-3™.

I'd been trying out Dove Sensitive Skin Nourishing Body Wash with NutriumMoisture, and it seems like Vaseline Sheer Infusion would go hand-in-hand with that, but I'm not going to be buying the Vaseline lotion.

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Vaseline Sheer Infusion has three formulas, and each of the three formulas has its own unique scent. None of them will go well with any fragrances I wear. Also, I have sensitive skin, and I prefer a serious skin-fixer to be fragrance free. That way I can still use it when it when my skin is having an irritation-fest. What good is Stratys-3™ if it's in a product that I can't use when my skin needs it most?

Plus, if this stuff is so great for skin on the body, shouldn't it also be awesome for skin on the face? I'd really like to see a lotion with Stratys-3™ that's safe for facial use.

Vaseline should consider removing the parabens from their Sheer Infusion line, since the whole point of this lotion is to sink deeper into skin and that's exactly what we don't want parabens doing.

Vaseline Sheer Infusion with Stratys-3™ Ad

So, I'll love it if Vaseline releases a paraben- and fragrance-free face-and-body lotion for sensitive skin. As is, the Sheer Infusion line doesn't have what I'm looking for in a moisturizer. I'll stick with my Skin MD Natural Face, Hand & Body Shielding Lotion.

When Vaseline releases Sheer Infusion with Stratys-3™ Unscented for Sensitive Skin, I'll be first in line to buy a bottle.

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